PUBG Mobile Wall Hack:-

Hello Gamers, In this Article I will show you How to Download the Pubg Mobile Wall hack script or apk. So now you can easily use the wallhack in your Pubg mobile game. So Let’s Get Started.

About Pubg Mobile Wall Hack:-

Everyone knows about Pubg mobile so let’s talk about its Wall Hack trick so you can bypass the wall and see the enemy, you can penetrate bullets too behind the wall.

Pubg Mobile Wall Hack Features:-

  • Bypass the Wall 😍
  • Kill the Enemy from behind the wall⚔
  • See the Enemy 😎
  • Anti-Ban✌
  • And Many More features. (Try it you gonna Love)❤

How to Download the Pubg Mobile Wall Hack Script:-

pubg mobile wall hack script

  1. First of all, Delete any other script you have.
  2. Download the Wall Hack Script ( Link is Given Below).
  3. Download Game Guardian App.
  4. Open Game Guardian and Load the Script.
  5. Hurray, You have Successfully Hacked Pubg Wall.

How to use Pubg Mobile Wall Script:-

  1. Download the Wall Hack Script.
  2. Download the Game Guardian App.
  3. Open GameGuardian and Load the .lua Script.
  4. Minimize the Game Guardian App.
  5. Open Pubg Mobile and Apply the Game Guardian Script.
  6. Hurray, You have Successfully hacked Pubg Mobile.


  • What is the Game Guardian App?

Game Guardian is an App used for Hacking Online Games. I have Provided you the Download Link.

  • Is there is Pubg Hack APK?

If you think there is a Pubg Wall Hack APK then there is not. The only way to Hack PUBG Mobile is to load scripts in Game Guardian.

  • Is there is Pubg Mobile Wallhack For iOS?

No there is no Wall Hack for iOS right now. Maybe in the Future.

  • Can I Use Wall Hack in Emulator?

No, you can’t use on official Tencent Emulator but if you use to play on Phoenix OS or any other you can follow the steps to use Wall Hack

Final Verdict:-

I Hope You will Like this Article. If you have Any Problems Regarding this you can freely ask me on Comment section I will try my best to solve your Queries. For More Posts Like this Visit RootingmyDroid