If you are using Oppo Device or any other Snapdragon Powered Device then this msm8x39downloadtool will be a lifesaver for your device if its bricked or in a boot loop.

A Week ago My Oppo A37f goes into a boot loop so I was searching in google for a way to reinstall the firmware after wasting my 30 minutes I found a tool called msm8x39 which is known for reinstalling the firmware in snapdragon powered device when the device is in EDL Mode.

So in this Article, I will show you How to Download msm8x39downloadtool and will show you STEP BY STEP to install and how to use the tool. So Let’s Get Started

Msm8x39downloadtool Features:-


  • Works in EDL Mode
  • Unbrick Snapdragon Powered Device
  • Unbricking Tool
  • Fix Bootloop
  • Factory Reset
  • Popular for Oppo A37f
  • Any Many More

How msm8x39download tool works?

  • It Detects the device in EDL Mode.
  • After Detection, it will verify the firmware.
  • Onclick on start it will start to flash the firmware.

Msm8x39downloadtool Latest version Free Download:

MSM8x39 Download Tool

How to Use msm8x39downloadtool?

  1. Download the MSM8x39 Download Tool from the above.
  2. Download the Firmware for your device.
  3. Now Place the msm8x39download tool in the firmware folder.
  4. Open the msm8x39download tool and verify the firmware package.
  5. Switch off your device
  6. Open Your Oppo device in EDL Mode by pressing Vol+ and Vol – Simultaneously.
  7. Now click on the start button to flash the firmware.
  8. Hurray! You have Successfully Unbricked your Oppo Device.

Final Verdict:

I think this guide will help you to unbrick your device easily if you getting any errors just drop your error in the comment section I will try my best to solve it.

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Happy Rooting!