Install Vcom Drivers on Windows 10:-

We all know unbricking the mtk device is such a headache on windows 10 as there are no mtk drivers for windows 10. So in this Article, I will show you how to install Vcom Drivers on Windows 10.

What are Vcom Drivers?

Vcom Drivers are the Drivers for  Mtk Devices. When We Brick our Mtk Devices we require a Vcom driver to detect our Mtk Phone. So in this article, I will Guide you Step By Step How to Install vcom Drivers on Windows 10.

How to Install Vcom Drivers on Windows 10?

 Install Vcom Drivers on Windows 10

Before we Start Installation we have to Disable Drivers the Signature Enforcement in Windows 10:-

  • First of all, Go to Update and Recovery in Windows 10 Settings.
  • Now Go to Troubleshoot and then Advance options.
  • Click on Startup Settings and on Restart Button.
  • Now Computer restarts with startup settings.
  • To Disable the driver signature Enforcement press on number key 7.
  • Now you have successfully disabled the drivers signature.

Now the Vcom Drivers Installation Start:-

  1. First of all Download the Vcom Drivers From Here
  2. Now go to Device Manager and add the Drivers.
  3. Now install all the Vcom Mtk Drivers.
  4. After Installation You can easily detect your mtk device.